A downloadable game for Windows

Short platform game made for 2019 global game jam

The theme of the jam was "What home means to you

This project's aim was to explore the duality of the word "home", a word that can mean both a warm, nice, safe place or a place scary and dark, that makes you feel uneasy.

The game takes place in the dream of a child, in a weird and surreal version of his house.

Going forward the light will progressively go down reaching a point of almost total darkness. After that the ambient will start to deteriorate and destroy. When everything is destroyed the game is over (you can see that looking at various objects and the floor)

To bring back the light you need to reach the figure of the mother.

Pay attention that even if the light is back the damage taken by the house remains

WASD or Keys to move

Space to jump and double jump

Global game jam page with full team



DreamLight.zip 30 MB

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